Branching Out to New Pittsburgh Communities

New ExchangePartners: Soil Sisters and Social Secrets Revealed

Raynise and TaRay Kelly, founders of Soil Sisters, emphasize the importance of access to fresh food and produce.

We're thrilled to have Soil Sisters join involveMINT as ExchangePartners! Soil Sisters, a Pittsburgh-based nursery, strives to educate local communities about gardening and the importance of accessibility to fresh produce. The team sells their own produce and seedlings, and runs programs directed towards backyard gardeners, school and community gardens, and local restaurants. Read more about Soil Sisters Plant Nursery at!

Dominique Murray "revealing" social media "secrets" at one of her offered media courses.

In addition to Soil Sisters, we are excited to welcome Social Secrets Revealed as an ExchangePartner! Social Secrets Revealed is led by Dominique Murray who aims to use her social media success and photography talent to help small businesses improve their reach on social media. To learn more or schedule a class, visit Sign up to impact your community through ChangeMaker stewardship, while spending your credits to support these grassroots ExchangePartners!

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New ChangeMaker Opportunities!

Do you own a vehicle? ChangeMakers can earn 30 to 60 TimeCredit hours per week as a Food Delivery Driver!

Looking to get involved? Neighbors Helping Neighbors is looking for reliable ChangeMakers to serve as a Food Delivery Driver transporting food boxes to recipients across the Greater Braddock area. All ChangeMakers will earn Community Currency for their time contributions, as well as gain access to our curated network of sustainable, emerging economy ExchangePartners on the involveMINT web app. Drivers will be responsible for picking up, loading, transporting, and dropping off food boxes to recipients across the Greater Braddock area. Drivers must have access to a vehicle and valid drivers license & be able to carry and transport up to 30lbs. To learn more detailed information about this ChangeMaker position, please apply here!

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involveMINT Featured in the Hazelwood Homepage

One of several of Hazelwood's Community Gardens that offer bed-allotments for residents and neighbors.

involveMINT is honored to have been featured in the Hazelwood Initiative's Homepage. The article highlights the implementation of Community Currency in Hazelwood and the lasting impact that CC can have on the socioeconomic structure of a community.

Through the work of ChangeMakers and local business partners, Hazelwood is experiencing a new surge of independent economic growth and sustainability in order to address universal community issues such as food insecurity and unemployment. So far, ChangeMakers having earned 5,760 CCs for their work capturing food waste from local businesses and residents and turning the waste into compost at the Hilltop Urban Farm. Going forward, involveMINT will partner with Grow Pittsburgh, Mission Continues and the City of Pittsburgh to create a new community farm where the land will be repurposed by ChangeMakers into a farm to feed the community. If you want to read the full article, visit the Hazelwood Homepage.

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Aquaponic Agriculture Takes Root in Wilkinsburg

The Aquaponics system at the Wilkinsburg Community Food Pantry mimics a natural aquatic ecosystem.

Representatives of the Wilkinsburg Community Ministry Food Pantry recently gave involveMINT a tour of their custom-built aquaponics system. Aquaponics as an agricultural system is beneficial in terms of sustainability for several reasons. Regarding the system itself, aquaponics simulates the interdependence of aquatic ecosystems in order to create a waste-free and natural means of growing plants, despite being a manmade process. This essence of sustainability can be applied to the communities in which aquaponics is implemented. Because the system is self-sufficient and is easily manageable, communities can become self-reliant on their own forms of plant accumulation, rather than relying on imports or outside resources to fulfill their plant-based needs. This type of agricultural independence can lead to economic sovereignty where communities are able to create, distribute, and place value on their own resources based on personal and communal needs. involveMINT looks forward to working with the Wilkinsburg community to continue learning about all of their sustainable development activities!

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