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Elizabeth Pharmacy Onboards as an ExchangePartner!

Located in Hazelwood, Elizabeth Pharmacy has been serving the local community since 1910.We're happy to announce that Elizabeth Pharmacy has joined our growing ecosystem of ExchangePartners! As a symbol of Hazelwood, Elizabeth Pharmacy has been operating out of the same building since its founding. This local Pittsburgh pharmacy has been serving the community, offering healthcare services to its patients through a multitude of in-person and digital services, such as Private Consultation, Mail Delivery, Home Delivery, Medication Adherence and Medication Therapy Management. Find out more about Elizabeth Pharmacy on their website and on Facebook.

ChangeMakers will now be able to support local businesses like Elizabeth Pharmacy by earning TimeCredits on community projects and spending of Time Credits at local businesses. To learn how you can be a ChangeMaker, sign up here!Get involved!

More ChangeMakers Needed!

Our ExchangePartners Deco Resources and PA Paramount Pursuits are looking for various ChangeMakers!

Looking to get involved with your community? Become a ChangeMaker today! ChangeMakers will earn Time Credits for their time and effort, and in return, will gain access to involveMINT’s growing, sustainable network of ExchangePartners on our web app. These opportunities include the Compost Production Manager for DECO Resources as well as General Business Development Liaisons for PA Paramount Pursuits for the MBEPP . The Compost Production Manager will be responsible for collecting, creating, weighing, and turning compost piles once a week at the Hilltop Urban Farm in Hazelwood. Applicants for this position must be able to lift up to 30 pounds and work well with others. The Business Development Liaisons, ranging from Wellness and Event Assistants, will be responsible for co-leading presentations & workshops and consulting with local business leaders within the MBEPP. Applicants for these positions must be able to work well in diverse teams. If you are interested in learning more about these new ChangeMaker positions, please apply here!

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MBEPP (Minority Business Enterprise Protection Program)

By using Time Credits (TC), businesses assisted through the MBEPP have access to an interconnected network of other award-winners, local businesses, and other TimeCredit trading members.

To address immediate needs and encourage the use of the community currency by small businesses, involveMINT launched the Minority Business Enterprise Protection Program (MBEPP). Under the consultation of PA Paramount Pursuits, the MBEPP awards small local minority owned businesses with a line of reciprocity (credit) in the form of TimeCredits. These lines of reciprocity are able to expand local supply chains in support of small businesses, entrepreneurs and nonprofits interested in developing a for-profit revenue producing arm of their organizations. Awardees work with involveMINT to create an interconnected community exchange network of other award-winners, local businesses, and other TimeCredit trading members to help circulate and distribute the local currency to meet immediate financial needs throughout the community. Implementing a community currency fosters a strong sense of loyalty to local businesses and helps to address systemic issues of wealth disparities within Pittsburgh neighborhoods. Five initial awards of up to 10,000 TC are being awarded to the first cohort of local businesses. The five businesses are focused on improving health and wellness in select Pittsburgh neighborhoods. A second cohort of businesses will be selected for awards sometime after the first of the year. If interested, or looking to learn more about the MBEPP, please contact Michael B. Marks of involveMINT at

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ChangeMaker Spotlight: Greg Mock

Greg (center-left) creating compost with other ChangeMakers for Food Security, Refreshed.

We caught up with Greg Mock, one of our ChangeMakers working in Hazelwood for our Food Security, Refreshed Initiative. He gave us some in-depth insights to his experiences and motivations for becoming a ChangeMaker. What made you decide to become a ChangeMaker? I already had a garden down in Hazelwood and I’m just trying to push veggies for myself and everybody else. I give them to all my neighbors. I have a garden at my house and now down in Hazelwood. My real motivation is the guy across the street from me. He has one of the best gardens. He uses commercial fertilizer [in hopes of finding a local source] and grows so much. He feeds like half of Squirrel Hill. I see people lining up and he just gives away vegetables. He motivates me and I feed off of him. What impact did you hope to make as a ChangeMaker? I want to find people who will want to build an Earthship. It's a technique of building that doesn’t require a furnace or air conditioning. You use passive solar energy and build into the ground where you can maintain a 60 degree temperature year round. If I can get people with involveMINT to be interested in building it, that would be really nice. We just recently cleared a property on Sylvan St. in Hazelwood. It’s really isolated, quiet and nice there. Even if we can’t build an Earthship, we could build a small storage container or greenhouse and bury it half way down where you can grow something for at least 9 months of the year. Someone could even live in one of these places if they needed to. What is your favorite memory of being a ChangeMaker and what makes it special? I get up sometimes in the morning and walk down to the garden. Nobody’s around and I can work in the garden and water it if it needs watered. It’s peaceful down there and I get some downtime to myself. Would you recommend to a fellow community member to become involved as a ChangeMaker? Yeah, for sure. If you want to social distance, it's a good way to social distance. During the pandemic you can only sit on the couch or watch so much TV. Working with involveMINT gives you something to do with a positive outcome. And it’s a worthwhile goal. Goals are what life’s all about, you have to just pursue something.

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