Seed a Food Secure Future

Growing Food in a Food Desert

The Wilkinsburg Community Food Pantry utilizes an aquaponics system to promote sustainable, self-reliant agriculture.

The Wilkinsburg Community Food Pantry has been working to make food and necessities available to help feed those in need within the community. While the food pantry benefits greatly from nonperishable food donations from local businesses and community members, there is still a high demand and need for fresh food and produce. To address these needs, the organizers of the Wilkinsburg Community Food Pantry want to build and utilize a greenhouse to grow various produce all year round. This will enable the organization to control the supply and distribution of fresh food in addition to the nonperishable items that they provide. The building of the greenhouse will be financed through Community Currency. By utilizing CCs as a form of financing, all funding will be community based, giving involved members better control over providing resources to chronic challenges, and allowing exchanges to circulate locally and build wealth within Wilkinsburg. Looking to get involved with this exciting, up-and-coming project? Community members can participate by becoming a ChangeMaker and earning Community Currency. In addition, community businesses can become ExchangePartners to accept and exchange Community Currency. Interested in helping to construct and maintain the greenhouse and grow food? Apply here!

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Welcoming New ExchangePartners!

Nancy's Revival is committed to serving fresh food while supporting local vendors.involveMINT is excited to announce Nancy’s Revival onboard to our growing ExchangePartner network! Since 1974, Nancy’s has been serving fresh, affordable, homestyle meals to the Wilkinsburg community. Once operated by the Bielicki family, Nancy’s Revival is now owned and operated by Jordan Robarge, who intends on keeping the family's love for the community alive through the same classic food and atmosphere.

The diner also works closely with other neighborhood businesses in order to source fresh ingredients for their dishes. We look forward to exploring how the Community Exchange Network can strengthen and add to their existing partnerships and supply chains. To find out more about Nancy’s Revival, visit their profile on our web app!Stop by Revival Chili for their signature classic beef chili or show-stopping spicy chicken bowl. They also have plenty of veggie and vegan options!We also welcome Revival Chili to our ExchangePartner network. The mobile food truck operates at several local Pittsburgh events, serving a wide range of chili varieties and other recipes. Revival Chili works closely with local vendors and farmers to source their ingredients, promoting strong connections in the Pittsburgh business community. As part of their mission to serve the city, their business seeks to hire individuals in need of fair employment, including those who are facing homelessness or were previously incarcerated, in order to promote growth at personal and communal levels. To find out more about Revival Chili, check out their profile on our Web App!

Spend your Community Currency with any of these amazing local businesses in our ExchangePartner network! To earn community currency, click here to become a ChangeMaker.Get involved!

Aquene of Royally Fit joins the SEIP

At Royally Fit, Aquene develops wellness programs to focus on holistic healing, nutrition and self-care.Formerly known as the MBEPP, the new Social Enterprise InvestMINT Program (SEIP) created by involveMINT works to uplift small, local, BIPOC-owned social enterprises by providing supplementary funding with Community Currency (CC) for their strategic growth goals.

We first introduced Royally Fit into our ExchangePartner network back in October. Their mission is to provide holistic health and wellness strategies and services to clients looking to improve their physical and mental health and wellbeing. This month, founder Aquene Watkins-Wise joined involveMINT’s virtual award ceremony and was the first business to officially join the SEIP!

Recipients of the SEIP grants will work with involveMINT to create an interconnected network of other award-winners, local businesses, and other CC trading members to help circulate and distribute the Community Currency to meet immediate financial needs. We are excited to see what Royally Fit has in store for the future.

Help small, local businesses like Royally Fit by joining our network as a Social Enterprise InvestMINT Liaison. Click here to express your interest!Get involved!

involveMINT Ride Along with Cindy for Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Cindy earned 30 Community Credits for her deliveries to five households in Braddock over the span of two hours.The pandemic has made life difficult for many people who have lost jobs or are more at risk to getting sick. The Neighbors Helping Neighbors project in Braddock has been providing food deliveries to people and families in need.

We followed long-time ChangeMaker Cindy Underwood around this past week as she delivered food to families in need. We started at her house and drove to the Bridge City Food Pantry in North Braddock, where she picked up boxes of non-perishable goods, fruits, grains and drinks that were donations to the food bank. She then delivered the groceries to five households in the Braddock area.

Cindy was able to keep track of the impact she made by recording her hours in the involveMINT app. For two hours of her work, she received 30 CCs ($30 equivalent) that she can now spend at local businesses in our community exchange network throughout Pittsburgh.Get involved!

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